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'Having undertaken several tours over the years organised and managed by JSM Live. I can’t sing their praises high enough. The choice of venues, the promotion and on hand support has always made for a pleasurable and professional tour. They are the best in the business. I’m looking forward to the next one!'

Gordon Buchanan

'I joined JSM Live largely because of their reputation for managing tours - and it’s been transformative. Live shows are now a big part of my work. Thanks to JSM Live, I’m now doing regular, sell-out nationwide tours’

Professor Alice Roberts

'We have been working successfully in partnership with JSM Live for some years now. It’s been a rewarding relationship in both artistic and commercial terms. In my opinion JSM are out on their own for the thorough pre-tour research and consultation they put in. To this day, they continue to be the only Agency/Promoter we deal with who has actually sought and been interested in the opinions of the Venue’s Programmer. I’m certain this has been a key element in their success and I look forward to collaborative working on future promotions for many years to come.'

David Jack (Programme Manager – Shrewsbury Theatre)

'It’s been a pleasure working with JSM Live over the last number of years. The acts we have booked with them are always really high quality, and consistently sell to a high level, so I know when I get a proposal that it will really make sense for our programme. Doing business with JSM is a no-nonsense affair, and is always focused on finding a good programming fit and reaching audiences. Wish that other relationships were as straightforward as this one!'

Julie Kelleher (Programme Manager – Cork, Everyman Theatre)